Water Street Brass was founded by two brothers, Charles and Matthew Churchill.  The brothers grew up in a manufacturing minded family and have worked in various small businesses throughout their childhood.  One of those businesses included Jamestown Furniture Hardware, which was founded in 2002 by the parents of Charles and Matthew.  The company served furniture manufacturers by offering high end solid brass hardware made to precise specifications.  Matthew, having worked in the hardware business since 2007 and knowing the manufacturing strengths, saw an opportunity to create a product line for residential applications.  The two brothers put the plan in motion, founded Water Street Brass, created a product catalog, and partnered with exclusive high end showrooms to showcase their product to designers, architects, and discerning homeowners.  Those products proved to be enthusiastically welcomed in the industry and by July of 2015 the company outgrew its manufacturing facility and moved to a new factory in Lakewood, NY.  To this day, the company continues to grow, hiring and training more skilled craftsmen, and adding equipment and manufacturing capabilities. WEBSITE  MORE INFORMATION